November 21, 2017

A while ago, a client came to see me in a panic because she received a notice of abandonment of a dwelling from one of her tenants along with a lawsuit for damages and reduction of rent.

The reason: Despite warning the landlord several times, the tenant had ultimately developed a severe allergic reaction to BED BUGS and her premises were deemed unfit for living.

It happens to even the best of apartments. Bed bugs can catch a ride in your suitcase or used furniture (beware of second hand mattresses!) or on your clothing. The critters can even travel from another apartment in the same building.

So what can a landlord do to prevent such circumstances? My bes...

November 7, 2017

Whenever I am asked to prepare or review a lease involving a client of mine in the retail industry, one overlooked clause usually involves signage. Clients usually pain over the sections involving term, base rent and the definitions revolving around operating expenses and taxes but without an adequate signage clause, the interests of a landlord may butt heads with the marketing efforts of a tenant in an effort to get noticed.

Several years back, I was involved in a case where I was protecting a major landlord who had a tenant who decided to unilaterally name themselves something quite colourful while putting such name on the façade of my client’s buildi...

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