July 22, 2018

With the use of recreational marijuana set to become legal Canada wide on October 17th 2018 and thereby allowing those aged 19+ to grow up to four pot plants in their homes and possess up to 30 grams of marijuana, its know wonder that landlords are looking to see how that affects the quality of tenant as well as their rights to the peaceful enjoyment of the premises.

While Quebec’s new cannabis act is considered among the strictest in the country. It gives landlords the right to change signed leases to ban tenants from smoking marijuana. Once marijuana becomes legal, landlords will have 90 days to make the change — and it will not apply to medical canna...

July 19, 2018

Over the last couple of months, our beautiful city of Montreal has set records in both condo sales and price. Experts say the surging interest in condos is driven both by local buyers and increasing interest from foreign investors outside Quebec.

With such demand and a rush to deliver as much product as possible, some developers will forge right ahead with their plans and your deposits (!) and sometimes not take into account that their mounting delays are having real life consequences on those owners/investors (carrying costs, rent, taxes etc…).

Paying close attention to the preliminary contracts, reputation of the builder, making the right arrangements...

July 9, 2018

Whenever we have a group of investors with a potential acquisition lined up, a challenge we often see is how to structure the deal properly.

The first thing we often do is listen to all of the partner’s interests and see who has the motivation to manage and coordinate the property and who simply wants to park their capital with the sole expectation of generating a nice return on their investment.   

There on in, we make sure that the structure we put in place is a sound and equitable solution so that the general partner is motivated to ensure the investment performs well for everyone and with full transparency.

If you’re about to join a real est...

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