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 Neighbour Complaining about Noise

One of the most frequently cited complaints that disrupts a tenant's peaceful enjoyment of a tenant's premises is excessive noise. 


By virtue of several provisions related to tenant rights as contained in the Civil Code of Quebec, more particularly articles 1861, 1866, 1907 and 1915, the tenant has the obligation to denounce to his landlord the disturbance he suffers before exercising its remedies before the Tribunal Administrative de Logement. 


It is important to remember that excessive noise is prohibited both during the day and at night. Indeed, many people mistakenly think that it is okay to make excessive noise during the day, let alone those who still falsely claim that they are entitled to three parties a year ! 


These popular beliefs are wrong since at all times excessive noise is prohibited. At most, the Tribunal has even decided that it is normal for there to be a little more noise than usual during special events such as Christmas Eve.


Some municipalities have even adopted bylaws affecting nuisance and noise, even going so far as to establish limits on level of the number of decibels that a person or thing can generate to be tolerable. 

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Get in front of the judge less than a month rather than 1-2 Years.

Lawsuit: $699
Lawsuit with Safe Guard Order: $999
Lawsuit with Presentation of Safeguard Order: $1299

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