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Potential Disputes Between Buyers and Sellers and How to Solve Them

Updated: Apr 15

Potential Disputes Between Buyers and Sellers and How to Solve Them

Complex Real Estate Transactions: Why You Need an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate transactions will more often than not require large sums of money most likely representing the most costly purchase most people will make during their lifetime. These transactions often have many problems associated with them and can be quite tricky to navigate. In some cases, both parties will enter the negotiations with a spirit of cooperation and can resolve their differences without the need for complicated negotiations or the need for too much lawyer intervention. However, more often than not this isn’t the case and real estate transactions can get quickly complicated and will require an experienced and professional real estate lawyer by their side.

Potential problems

One of the biggest issues people face when dealing with real estate transactions involves the failure to disclose defects or other material issues. Failure to disclose possible defects and issues with the property can affect the decision on whether or not to make a purchase. This can also affect the value of the property as defects and other potential issues will lower the value of any property. At David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. we know exactly what questions to ask and how to determine the true cost of a potential real estate purchase.

Hiring the Right Agent to represent you

Many people will make the mistake of trusting their real estate agent when looking to purchase commercial or residential property. Real estate agents are out to make their commission. The higher a property is sold for the more commission they stand to make. On top of this, they may choose not to disclose certain issues that may affect a potential real estate transaction. At David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. we place our customer's needs first. We always take your best interest in every decision we make or recommendation we offer.

Deposit issues

In most cases, before proceeding with a potential real estate transaction a deposit will be required to be made. This is the initial amount placed on the possible purchase of a commercial or private property. However, what happens if the deal falls through? What happens to the deposit? Often both parties will argue to retain the deposit. This is usually a legal issue that will most likely require litigation. Having an experienced lawyer by your side can make all the difference. David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. can help you retain any money deposited with the intent of making a purchase.

Legal disputes

Legal issues can always arise during the negotiation phases and purchasing phases. For example, some properties may require more than one person to approve the sale. Maybe the property boundaries need to be defined. Let David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. help with any legal issues that may arise from the purchase or sale of any commercial or private property.

Disputes between buyers

Some real estate transaction disputes don’t even involve the other side. In some situations, more than one person will be involved in the purchase of the property. This can cause lots of stress and potentially cause the transaction to fall apart completely. At David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. we have years of experience dealing with any potential issues that may arise from groups of people deciding to purchase real estate together. In many cases, partners will prepare a legally binding document to help define everything before finalizing the purchase. This can help avoid future headaches and legal battles as well as save you time and money.

Bad Communication

Many times, bad communication can hinder or even break down the purchase or sale of any commercial or private property. Miscommunications can happen quickly and have a devastating effect. In some cases, the prices can go up or the deal can fall through completely. At David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. we have years of experience helping our clients communicate all their wants and needs. We place our client's needs above all else.

Don’t fall into the usual traps and complications associated with buying or selling real estate. With years of experience, we can help you get through all the complications associated with the Canadian real estate market. Contact David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. today.

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