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Are you buying or selling your own private real estate?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Are you buying or selling your own private real estate?

Whether it is your private home, commercial or industrial real estate – you have found the right place for your legal requirements. David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. has gained vital legal experience in commercial, industrial or private estates, and has helped negotiate terms and conditions of any real estate transaction in and around the Montreal area.

Property Disputes

We know how to professionally handle legal disputes between the parties. It is no secret that property disputes are never an easy process to handle. They are complicated and many times involve more than two parties - making it even more complex. If these property disputes are not dealt with right, and if you don’t work with an attorney with vast experience in the field of real estate, this may cause (unexpected) high financial expenses from both sides (landlord and tenant), downtime and a range of problems.

Disputes often happen between neighbors, owners / co-owners, sellers, purchasers, in both commercially or privately owned properties. The relationships between landlords and tenants may be complex and many times can reach critical phases that both sides have to pay a high price.

David Ghavitian from David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. brings years of legal experience in the field of property disputes. Landlords and tenants, along with tenant lawsuits are a big part of his legal practice in Montreal. Mr. Ghavitian services in landlord and tenant litigation which includes preparation of contracts, existing contract reviews and legal advice, lease agreements, enforcement and preventive actions to forfeiture, or even the loss of tenants' home - or business premises. Mr. Ghavitian has extensively given legal guidance and advocacy that is backed by over 15 years of trial experience.

Commercial and Industrial Property

David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. legal services are not limited only to the residential property market. He is credited for successfully handling commercial and industrial property disputes too. It’s known that when it comes to commercial and industrial-scale agreements, the demand to work with an attorney that has a proven tracked record and is experienced in representing more complex commercial transactions.

David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. represents both sides of the disputes. Before taking legal matters to court, Mr. Ghavitian uses his skills and experience to avoid it, by exploring amendments, or reach resolutions, solve disputes, agreed terms between the sides - and anything that can bring both sides back on the discussion track. This approach can help save costs, energy, and downtime. But if needed - Mr. Ghavitian is experienced at initiating or defending lawsuits and obtain injunctions if that is what needed to be done.

Helping Montreal Property Owners Resolve Disputes

David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. helps owners of the property (residential or commercial) in a wide array of legal issues and conflicts.

Co-Owner Disputes: It is common to require for legal help when two (or more) parties own the same property and have a dispute over a particular problem they cannot solve by themselves. We can handle these types of co-owner disputes, family disputes, estranged couples, or real estate investors.

Property Damage, infringement claims: We help resolve existing disputes between neighbours over accusations of property damage, or allegations of noisiness, adverse possessions etc.

Areas of service include:

- Review of contract of sale

- Review of negotiation terms of sale

- Explanation of a real estate property agreement and mortgage commitment to the buyers

- Reach resolutions and offer legal solutions to disputes – which include tenant issues, repairs to damages etc.). This is done prior to closing an agreement

- Legal correspondence with the seller’s / buyer’s attorney, bank, mortgage company or title company

- Preparation for closing

- Review of mortgage commitment

- Representation at closing

If you’re looking for professional real estate lawyer with a proven track record look no further than David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. We’ve worked large firms representing millions of dollars in sales, purchases and re-financing.

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