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Transactions/ Financing

Real Estate Transactions can be lucrative investments. At our offices, we strive on reducing those associated risks by evaluating the corporate structure to be implemented, preparing offers to purchase, and making sure that you are well protected during the due diligence period. We also prepare deeds of sale and provide our opinions for any and all financing documents.

Considering how important these aspects are for you, we make great efforts in providing timely and swift assistance while being as thorough as possible.  


Searching for and finding the “best fit” tenant for your expanding portfolio can be a daunting and time-consuming journey. Once you’ve found such a tenant and are able to agree on price and other general terms, it is easy to forget that the final step in the process could be one of the most important—effectively negotiating and communicating the specific terms of your lease.

Ultimately, any leasing agreement represents a major investment of money- and trust- between both parties. At our offices, our mantra is to seek a “win-win” approach as much as possible by effectively seeking out the interests of all parties before entering into such an important commitment. With this strategy, it is the best way of reducing any risks between yourselves during the lease term.


The complexity of a real estate agreement can give rise to a litany of challenges for all parties involved. Whether it involves disputes during the purchase and/or sale of a property, partnership disagreements, collection of rent, latent defects etc., we can effectively manage and reduce your anxieties by seeking out victories and resolutions on a capped fee structure.

You have every right to know what you’re getting into when you enter a litigious situation. At our offices, we aim to organise and minimize your hassles for you so you focus on your growth opportunities.

Foreign Investments

The local real estate market is in exponential growth mode with a steady increase of foreign buyers looking into ways to protect their cash flow and investments. At DG Law Offices, we aim to effectively represent any profile of foreign buyer as they decide which property to invest in.

Whether you come from China, France, United States or any where else in the world, we look forward to working and growing together!


One of the biggest concerns a landlord has in a commercial lease is not only collecting arrears in rent but ensuring that they pay on time every month going forward. As a lawyer, I can draft a special procedure to get in front of a judge right away to cancel their lease and make him pay right away. 

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