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How can we help you with a Commercial Lease?

One of the biggest concerns a landlord has in a commercial lease is not only collecting arrears in rent but ensuring that they pay on time every month going forward.

Even if a landlord was to institute a lawsuit against the tenant for arrears owing, the latter may continue to occupy the premises and enjoy the benefit therefrom. This puts the landlord in a precarious situation as the landlord must not only incur the loss for the rental amount owing but must also pay for all the operating expenses for tenant’s use of the premises, such as electricity and maintenance (and heating during the winter months).

Initiating a lawsuit against a delinquent tenant can be a costly and time-consuming process. The landlord may see no end in sight while the tenant can take advantage of court delays to not pay the rent going forward. Our commercial lease lawyers in Montreal specialize in expediting the process by regulating the rent going forward right away and making sure the tenant pays on the 1st of the month.​

In Quebec, there exists a mechanism to make that happen through a safeguard order. A safeguard order is a judgment rendered by the court dealing with a highly urgent matter that without it irreparable damage could be caused to the landlord such that judgment at a later point in time could no longer be remedied. Depending on the circumstances and instead of waiting at least 1 year for a final judgment which may be illusory because of the accumulation of debt owed, we can get your safeguard order in front of a judge within 15-20 days of service.

As a lawyer, I can draft a special procedure to get in front of a judge right away to cancel their lease and make him pay right away. 

Get in front of the judge less than a month rather than 1-2 Years.

Lawsuit: $699
Lawsuit with Safe Guard Order: $999
Lawsuit with Presentation of Safeguard Order: $1299

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