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Real Estate Transactions

A real estate transaction is the process where the rights of property are transferred between two or more parties. And while a real estate transaction can be a lucrative investment, it can quite often be complicated due to the complexity of the property rights being transferred, the amount of money being exchanged, and government regulations. Conventions and requirements also vary considerably among different countries of the world and among smaller legal entities, which can apply if you are a foreign investor.

Real Estate Transactions in Montreal can be lucrative investments. At our offices, our Real Estate Transaction Lawyers in Montreal strive to reduce those associated risks by evaluating the corporate structure to be implemented, preparing offers to purchase, and making sure that you are well protected during the due diligence period. We also prepare deeds of sale and provide our opinions for any and all financing documents.

Considering how important these aspects are for you, we make great efforts in providing timely and swift assistance while being as thorough as possible. 

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