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Understanding What a Tenant Broker is

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Understanding What a Tenant Broker is

Anyone that is new to world of commercial real estate can sometime find it hard and confusing in knowing where to start. Most people will turn to a real estate lawyer or firm such as David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. for help. The services a professional real estate lawyer can offer include project management, investment services, tenant representation, and asset services to name a few.

At David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. we have multiple experts specializing in these services.

The more you know

In order to make an informed and confident decision we at David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. like to provide our clients with as much information as possible. This helps empower our clients and put them in the driver’s seat before signing any agreements. In an effort to help our clients with their real estate needs we’ve broken down what is a tenant broker.

Read on to get a better understanding of a tenant broker does and how it can help you in any of your rent or lease agreements.

What is a tenant broker?

A tenant representation broker is someone that will handle the tenant’s side of any commercial real estate agreement. Tenant representation is also referred to as corporate services or tenant advisory. At David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. we assist companies and large-scale organizations from start to finish with the process of obtaining and closing your next commercial lease. From the initial phase of assessment, we can assist with every step including site selection, lease renewals and more.

Tenant representation brokers are basically what they sound like; they handle the tenant side of commercial real estate transactions. Sometimes referred to as tenant advisory or corporate services, a tenant rep is there to assist companies and organizations throughout the entire leasing process, from the initial assessment and site selection to occupancy, lease expiration, and beyond. We allow you to focus on the important stuff while we sweat the small details.

Some of the benefits of having a tenant broker in your corner

Although there can be many benefits to having an experienced real estate lawyer in your corner one of the biggest is that we take the stress of having to deal with all the legal aspect of your commercial lease away. With so many different factors to consider before you sign an agreement it can turn in to a full-time job trying to get everything done. That’s when a real estate law lawyer with years of experience can make all the difference.

A little more about what we do

By definition a tenant broker helps facilitate a commercial lease agreement between both the tenant and the landlord. All while protecting the tenant’s interest vs. the other side. Rather than go through the entire process which can include negotiations on price, services included, which side is responsible in certain situations like property damage and more much more.

Lease renewals

Many companies or organization who are currently leasing a commercial property for their business will sometimes be lured into a false sense of security when it comes to commercial lease renewals. If you think you can go ahead and sign a lease renewal agreement just because you are currently leasing there, then you would be mistaken.

At David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. we will thoroughly review your renewal agreement and advise if you should go ahead and sign if you need to start looking for a new commercial property to lease. Many times when it’s time to renew your lease agreement you may find your landlord has increased your rent or maybe changed certain terms in the agreement that were previously in your favour.

The process of finding the right commercial property can be a long and complicated task. You need to find the right location, inspect it to make sure there are no surprises and finally you need to review the lease agreement before you sign. At David Ghavitian Avocat Inc. we take all the hard work out of finding the right commercial property so you can focus on what counts the most. Hiring an experienced real estate lawyer can also save you money in the long run by helping you avoid costly mistakes.

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