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Why Montreal has distinguished itself as a preferred location for foreign investment?

Updated: Apr 15

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Exploring the Real Estate Investment Landscape

For the last few years, the cities of Toronto and Vancouver have been some of the most sought after for real estate investments in Canada but there is another that has been rising in popularity. While Montreal has spent time playing catch-up, they have recently overtaken the above mentioned cities in 2019.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investment

One of the big reasons the real estate market has been on the rise is due to the fact that Montreal has a diversified economy to pair with an enormous influx of high quality level of talent entering the job market. Because Montreal’s economy doesn’t depend on any one specific industry or resource, like natural gas for example, it is therefore much less affected by the ups and downs to any one of these sectors. Therefore, Montreal has continued to see annual growth in property values over the past 35 years and with no signs of regression.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

Additionally, Montreal’s real estate market offers an immense and diverse selection. All the way from industrial or office lofts in a converted warehouse in downtown Montreal to a charming rural house by the water. The statistics have shown that across-the-board there is growth in value for all neighborhoods and all property types. As Montreal real estate remains a great investment opportunity for any profile of buyer, be sure to consult with us as a specialized real estate lawyer in Quebec to ensure proper protection to your investment and allow it to flourish unimpeded.

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